Unlimited, secure storage that ensures effective backup and recovery at reduced costs

Virtualization means creating a virtual copy of your entire IT infrastructure, including servers, software, operating systems, and data. This means you’ll no longer need bulky hardware, pay expensive maintenance fees, or worry about your current data backup and recovery abilities should a disaster strike. But like most technologies, it takes seasoned experts to complete a secure, seamless virtualization, and the teams at NetMedia are committed to help you achieve that.

We’ll assess your current technology and professionally replicate everything into multiple secure, geo-redundant virtual storages so you can utilize the resources of a single computer in different environments. And with real-time, automated backup, you can work with confidence knowing your business can always resume operations in hours, not days, no matter the catastrophe.

“With Virtualization service from NetMedia, you’ll improve efficiency, security, and agility while saving on IT expenses.”

Our Virtualization service also gives you:

  • More physical space, as you no longer need on-site servers
  • Reduced IT and energy costs because your virtual storages require no upfront fee and maintenance
  • Increased productivity, thanks to faster provisioning and higher performance of apps
  • Less downtime and faster recovery with efficient systems and automated backups

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