Industries we serve

Helping an array of SMBs succeed with cutting-edge, cost-effective technology


To succeed in today’s competitive construction market means to deliver work that exceeds expectations while staying within the deadline and budget. NetMedia has successfully helped countless clients achieve that by providing reliable, innovative technology that enables accurate risk-assessment capabilities, efficient communication and project management tools, and more.

Regardless of your area of expertise or specific needs, the experts at NetMedia can equip your business with tailored enterprise-grade, cost-effective construction IT solutions that’ll help your employees deliver better, faster work while saving you time and money.



Successful financial service providers have one thing in common — a secure, expertly designed technology infrastructure that allows them to process and analyze data accurately and in real time, streamline operations, and assure clients and stakeholders that all information and systems are protected against data breaches and other cyberthreats. And that’s exactly what NetMedia Solutions specializes in.

Our business-savvy, certified IT specialists will get to know your needs and goals, tailor solutions that’ll boost your efficiency and data security, and keep your financial company compliant and running smoothly with ongoing guidance and support.



NetMedia understands that healthcare businesses can’t focus on providing effective services and personalized care to patients if their technology keeps breaking down or failing regulatory requirements. That’s why we offer Managed IT services, a comprehensive bundle of best-in-class healthcare IT solutions, data security tools, and unlimited support.

No matter the size or complexity of your healthcare practice, our seasoned technicians can tailor a strategic IT roadmap that will improve your efficiency, keep you compliant with HIPAA and other industry regulations, and increase your patients’ satisfaction.