Email Protection

Safeguard your business communication with advanced security tools

Organizations of all sizes rely on email to communicate both internally and with clients. Unfortunately, cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated email scams like phishing to access your digital credentials, demand ransom for your clients’ sensitive data, or lock down your systems. Such an attack won’t only halt your operations, but it’ll also damage client trust, and cost you a huge compliance failure fine. Avoid these problems by partnering with NetMedia.

We'll seamlessly integrate our intuitive tools into your business email, equipping you with real-time threat detection, inbound content filtering, and robust encryption to prevent outbound information leakage. Our smart solutions also provide granular access control and let you easily and effectively restore messages that were deleted from the server, ensuring smooth and secure company-wide communication.

“Prevent data leakage and keep your inbox free of malware with Email Protection from NetMedia. ”

Our Email Protection delivers:

  • End-to-end email encryption to keep all confidential information secure
  • Smart threat detection that eliminates suspicious emails in real time
  • Content filtering systems that alert you on potentially risky inbound messages in real time
  • Frequent software updates so you are always protected from ever-evolving threats

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