Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster-proof your business with advanced backup and recovery solutions

Floods, storms, and fires are unpredictable, and cyberattacks get more sophisticated by the minute. All it takes to wipe out your entire database is a single thunderbolt or one mouse click of a malicious file or link. Don’t wait until such a disaster forces you to explain the situation to frustrated clients, pay hefty noncompliances fees, or worse yet, close down your business. Protect everything you’ve worked for with best-in-class backup and disaster recovery solutions from NetMedia.

Our experts will help you configure automated, real-time data backups on secure, physical and virtual storage that guarantees effective and hassle-free data retrieval. We’ll also set up clear-cut recovery processes to ensure your employees know how to minimize damage and get back up and running in no time after an unexpected event.

“Ensure no unexpected event can paralyze your operations with Backup & Disaster Recovery service from NetMedia ”

Our backup & disaster recovery service provides you with:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring to spot any potential risks and eliminate them in real time
  • Routine software updates to keep up with advancing cyberthreats and maintain your compliance with industry regulations
  • Automated backups in multiple secure, unlimited storage so your data will always be intact
  • Peace of mind from knowing the lifeblood of your business is safe in the hands of the experts at NetMedia

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