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Smart Home Services

Smart Home Systems

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Control Systems – the ability to effortlessly control lights, shades, thermostat, home entertainment, cameras, you name it, from anywhere – remains our pièce de résistance. It demands the best of everything we do, and we do it all: the big jobs, the tricky jobs, and the rescue jobs — jobs where others may have failed or fallen short. The best part? We make it all so easy: no inch-thick manuals, nothing to memorize – everything runs via sleek touch pads on the wall, your nightstand, or your smartphone or tablet. Bottom line: you rule the home automation technology, not the other way around.


Control everything in your home from wherever you are.

Lights, shades, thermostat, media player, home entertainment, security, cameras, pool, spa, gates, door locks, the sprinkler system, the works, remotely.  Open/close, up/down, on/off, etc., from anywhere on the planet. If it plugs in, we can control it.