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iPhone 7 Security Tips

Protect Your New iPhone 7


Based on an article by Chris Smith, BGR



In conjunction with the recent release of the brand new iPhone 7, Apple introduced iOS 10, one of the most significant iOS updates in years. On the surface, everything looks similar to the previous version but there are a ton of new features. There are various privacy and security features included but that doesn’t mean that iOS 10 can’t leak information. These tips will help protect your personal information:  

1.       Encrypt your iPhone. Your iPhone or iPad is encrypted by default. But it’s only encrypted if you protect it with a PIN, password, or fingerprint. Head to Settings, Touch ID & Passcode and set up your passwords and fingerprints. An unlocked iPhone would let a malicious individual with intimate knowledge of the iPhone to steal credit card data, Safari passwords, pictures, and other valuable data you might hold on your phone.

2.       Enable Find My iPhone. If it’s not enabled, Find My iPhone must be turned on (under Settings, iCloud) so that you can attempt retrieving a lost or stolen device. Enable Send Last Location so that the iPhone sends the last known location of the iPhone to Apple when the battery is critically low. You can keep it off if you usually run out of battery.

3.       Use 2-Factor Authentication. Your Apple ID is a vital piece of information that hackers try to steal. You can secure it with 2-factor authentication over at, and you should do it to make sure your wallet and data are both protected. A hacker could steal data information from your backups and purchase items on your behalf after gaining Apple ID access.

4.       Limit Lockscreen Data Leaks. One of the big changes in iOS 10 concerns the lock screen. It can deliver more information than ever, and a sneak peek at it is enough for someone to glance useful information about your day. A malicious person could read personal information from notifications (including messages and mail) and widgets that are set up on the screen. You can limit access to certain features of the lock screen by going to Settings, Touch ID & Passcode and disabling them one by one. The list includes Today View, Notification View, Siri, Reply with Message, Home Control, and Wallet.

5.       Stop Third-Parties from Tracking You Via Ads. Go to the Settings app, then Privacy and then Advertising (at the very bottom of the page). Enable Limit Ad Tracking, and then tap on Reset Advertising Identifier.

Taking a few minutes to review your privacy and security settings can ensure that your information remains secure.

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